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Carabin ShawOne thing we all can agree on: unexpected things happen in life to all of us. Which is why we certainly hope you never require our personal injury attorney services at Carabin Shaw. Unfortunately, many people will get in an accident and require our services. So if you live in the San Antonio, Texas area and are in an accident suffering a personal injury, we encourage you to contact us because, in this position, you’re going to need a personal injury attorney you can trust. Insurance companies are set up to delay and deny your claims and also to offer you as little in settlement cash as they can get away with. You need a competent, experienced, and tough personal injury attorney fighting for your rights, fighting for justice, and fighting to get you the best settlement.

Our tough, smart personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw provide personal injury legal services to the folks in the San Antonio, Texas area. We are invested in the community and live and work in the same neighborhoods you do. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, had a slip or fall as a customer at a local business, or suffered an accident at work, you need legal representation. Our personal injury attorneys are the best in the great state of Texas and know how to navigate the complex system in place to keep you from getting what you deserve. The at-fault party will have top-notch legal representation, so do the same, and give us a chance to fight for you. We’re experienced, highly skilled and will get you the settlement you deserve and are experienced at litigation.

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At Carabin Shaw, our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which basically means we won’t see a dime unless and until you do. You’re our boss and customer service is of paramount importance to us. If you’ve been in an accident, dial (210) 503-9717 and call us for a free consultation.

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